improve patient outcomes in the ICU

With the Reck MOTOmed Letto2.

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Early mobilization in the ICU

The Letto2 is a supine ergometer that helps train the upper and lower extremities through passive, active, and assistive motion.

It improves patient outcomes, lowers the length of stay, and provides for stronger recoveries for the patients while in the ICU in a cost-effective manner.

Patient safety is ensured throughout the device while lowering the risk to your staff. No transfers are needed.


Leg Cycling

Leg cycling incorporates major muscle groups for the best possible outcomes by providing passive, active, and assistive training.


Arm Cycling

Arm cycling is easily accommodated with all necessary accessories transported on the device.

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Easy Integration

The Letto2 can be utilized from the foot or either side of the bed, easily accommodating the most compact ICU rooms.


"I purchased a MOTOmed last year. I experience spastic cerebral palsy and have a reverse osteotomy of the right hip joint. Since having surgery in 2008, I have been unable to pivot transfer as effectively, greatly impacting my physical activity level and ability to exercise my lower extremities. Thanks to the MOTOmed, I have increased strength and endurance. When I started daily home MOTOmed therapy, I was having the machine do a lot of assisting, and now I can cycle independently with no intervention by the motor for up to 30 minutes. My full MOTOmed therapy sessions are about 60 minutes. It has increased circulation, flexibility and my general mood. It's just fun and relaxing. It doesn't seem like a chore, and it is super gentle on joints and muscles."
"My son is currently 16 months old and has a diagnosis of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1 (SMA). We have been trialing the Gracile for three weeks now and we have to have it! It is wonderful movement therapy for my son. We started off doing 5 minutes per day at a speed of 2 rpm, and have worked up to 30 minutes at a speed of 4 rpm. Each evening my son gets to “ride his bike” and gets so excited for this time. His heart rate immediately decreases once his legs begin to cycle as it is very relaxing for him, while also providing a great muscle workout. SMA causes the muscles to atrophy, yet we are seeing an increase in the muscle tone in just 3 weeks of use. I am really excited to see the long-term benefits of using the Gracile with my son."
"I've been living with MS for 25 years now and depend on a wheelchair in my daily life. When I saw the MOTOmed first in the Chicago Rehabilitation Institute, Willowbrook, Illinois, I realized how much benefit this active/passive cycle trainer was for people with different conditions, such as stroke patients, cancer patients or children with disabilities. As I wish to be able to walk again, I bought myself a MOTOmed viva2 leg trainer. "It is so good to have the MOTOmed in my home so that I can use it every day. I am on it at least 30 minutes daily and I want to do more. It is definitely worth purchasing the machine comparing it to the cost I have to bear for other rehabilitation care. With the MOTOmed I can train independently on my own. Each session helps me strengthen my legs, increase stamina and stimulate circulation. The MOTOmed makes me work and feel good throughout the day. I'd like to recommend the cycle trainer to everybody. Don't be afraid of pain. If spasms occur, the MOTOmed will stop pedaling and eases the pain by changing the direction again and again until your muscles have relaxed and you can go on cycling. It is a wonderful product."

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I exercise upper and lower extremities?
Yes, the MOTOmed Letto2 has options to exercise both upper and lower extremities. You also have the choice of active, passive, and assistive training. 
Can I incorporate Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)?

Absolutely. The Letto2 allows for full integration of our RehaMove2 FES system. 

What facilities use the Letto2?
Johns Hopkins, UCLA, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, the Department of Veterans Affairs are a few of the facilities that currently use the Letto2. 

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