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In this downloadable resource, you’ll discover:

  • How much easier it is to move around in our chairs
  • How you can customize your ride
  • All the different uses for the chair both around the house and at the office
  • Exactly how standard wheelchairs fall short in terms of convenience, stability, and security
  • And more!

If you, loved ones, or employees of yours are like some of the many people across the country suffering from a disability that keeps them off your feet but have been dreaming of getting back to how things used to be, you’ll want to check out this guide. People who have tried standard wheelchairs and found that they are simply too cumbersome and keep them from returning to the things they love have turned to the Independence Chair™ manufactured by VELA. 

We are proud to have heard such glowing reviews so far of how our revolutionary product has helped users take advantage of their very own top-quality, customizable activity chairs to enable them to feel more mobile and thus independent. We’d like to show you how with this device, so much more can be done than with any regular wheelchair.